1. Catalog Compendium Vol. 5

  2. Glisk Science EP
    Lord Of The Isles

  3. Hazel
    Dukes of Chutney

  4. Narcissist
    Tomasz Guiddo w/ Rexy & Grzegorz Bojanek

  5. Josey In Space
    Josey Rebelle

  6. The Way You Made Me Feel
    Pierre Rousseau

  7. Musique Sans Paroles
    Pierre Rousseau

  8. Joyful

  9. Catalog Compendium Vol. 4

  10. J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. EP
    Jennifer Vanilla

  11. Ofiodaimon EP (Toulouse Low Trax, Mr TC, Mekine U Teksi)
    Anatolian Weapons feat. Seirios Savvaidis

  12. To The Mother Of Gods
    Anatolian Weapons feat. Seirios Savvaidis

  13. Positional Play
    Johannes Klingebiel

  14. Powder In Space

  15. Bumper Cars
    The Working Elite

  16. Midnight Marker
    Shy Layers

  17. Woo Are You
    Secret Circuit

  18. Who Are You
    Secret Circuit

  19. Memories of Cindy
    Palmbomen II

  20. Dawning Light
    Jacques Bon

  21. Good To Me

  22. Primavera

  23. (Eerie) For Your Love
    Mount Liberation Unlimited

  24. BIS: 001 - 020
    Various Artists

  25. Shoot The Freak
    T & P

  26. Palmbomen II
    Palmbomen II

  27. Kangaroo Ground / Ferntree Gully
    Tornado Wallace

  28. Gin ‘n’ Tears

  29. Hands & Feet / Stigma

  30. Yin Yang Theatre
    Jaakko Eino Kalevi

  31. Holding On / Keep Holding On (Peaking Lights Dub)
    House of Spirits

  32. So You Say/Wheel
    Matt Karmil

  33. So What
    Hidden Fees

  34. Domino
    Dukes of Chutney

  35. Break The Dawn / From Red To Violet
    Crystal & S. Koshi

  36. The Noughties

  37. Desperate Pleasures
    Tornado Wallace

  38. Sum Of Love
    Jee Day

  39. Tactile Galactics
    Secret Circuit

  40. Afterlife
    Secret Circuit

  41. Macsat Ring Down EP

  42. Hémisphère b/w Je m'ennuie

  43. Nebula Sphynx / Parascopic Strobe
    Secret Circuit

  44. Parfait Tirage b/w La Ballade de Jim


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